Randy Kaelber address withheld
Mesa, AZ, 85201
email: randy_jobs@nimitz.net    Phone: 623-252-1218


I am an engineering leader, well-versed in agile development. I have a good eye for identifying talent and developing it. I believe in continuous integration and deployment, radical sharing of knowledge, secure-by-design, and in the idea that people are at their most productive when they find their bliss. I enjoy teaching and learning from everyone. While I enjoy managing teams, I am unafraid to jump in and do development, systems engineering, debugging, and quality assurance work. I love to teach both technical and non-technical audiences. I have learned that I have so much more to learn.

Technical Skills

  • Expert level programming: C and Python, particularly in Unix environments.
  • Intermediate level programming: Perl, PHP, Javascript (jQuery, Bootstrap, plus some HTML5 canvas), C++
  • Learner level programming: Ruby, Go, Swift
  • Advanced understanding of relational database design and maintenance. Worked as a database adiminstrator for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase, and Microsoft SQL Server environments.
  • Advanced understanding of TCP/IP network protocols, particularly HTTP and DNS.
  • Solid understanding of cryptographic communication; public/private key and symmetric encryption, hashing functions and algorithms.
  • Certified Scrum Master (#374290), certified since November 2014.
  • Software: git (including GitHub and GitHub Enterprise), svn, CFEngine, SaltStack, Docker, Vagrant, Confluence, Jira.
  • Open Source contributor: co-author of aescrypt, primary author of video games The Puzzler and Cosmic Assault. I have contributed patches to several other packages as well.


8/2013-present Limelight Networks, Inc.
Engineering Manager

Software project management, analysis, design and implementation for performance metrics and DNS.

  • Managed a global pool of 250+ DNS servers running custom dynamic hostname resolution software.
  • Lead engineer and scrum master for development team building edge, middleware, API, and web client for advanced DNS management and control system to replace existing DNS infrastructure. Technologies used: PowerDNS, Python, MySQL, Django, Apache, nginx, JQuery, Bootstrap.
  • Other details currently bound by NDA.
2/2008-8/2013 & 1/2002-1/2006 Mars Space Flight Facility, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona
(2/2008-8/2013) Senior Mission Operations Software Engineer (1/2002-1/2006) Scientific Software Engineer

Software design, development and testing for Mars Odyssey, Mars Exploration Rovers, and Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Missions.

  • Developed a decompiler/integrity verifier program for THEMIS instrument command files.
  • Interfaced ImageMagick to Davinci data analysis language package, to export multi-dimensional data sets as images or movies. Interfaced Davinci to ISIS 3 using the ISIS 3 API to support their file formats. Also Interfaced GDAL to davinci to get support for all the file types GDAL supports.
  • Database lead for MySQL to PostgreSQL migration.
  • Wrote software to unpack image data downloaded from spacecraft, convert timing information, and store it in a PostgreSQL database for later retrieval.
  • Developed a database schema and wrote a data query tool to extract spacecraft image data based on orbital, experimental, areographic, and observational parameters.
  • Developed code to process geometric map projection of hyperspectral images across multiple CPUs.
  • Used the JPL/NAIF CSPICE software library to create database and time conversion utilities.
  • Wrote a specification to add distributed shared memory features to davinci data analysis package.
  • Developed interface programs to USGS ISIS package to streamline and simplify image mosaicking process.
  • Wrote a JNI-based wrapper around the JPL/NAIF SPICE library to give Java programmers access to it.
  • Wrote a GNOME Panel Applet to report true local solar time, solar elevation angles, and solar longitude for the Mars Exploration Rover missions.
  • Developed a series of objects to create, edit, and format Planetary Data System (PDS) labels and PDS history objects for use in a Python framework.
1/2006-2/2008 McClatchy Company, Lowcountry Operations, Bluffton, South Carolina
Lead Software Engineer

Software design development in Perl, Python, PHP, and Javascript for internet, intranet, and newspaper production processes in support of two daily newspapers, The Island Packet and The Beaufort Gazette.

  • Designed and implemented a location based advertising/guide Drupal module, using PHP, Javascript, Google Maps API, and AJAX methodology.
  • Evaluated IT helpdesk solutions and deployed best choice application (in this case OTRS) for use by company IT staff.
  • Transited all development projects to use the Subversion revision control tool.
  • Deployed Drupal-based intranet for two newspapers.
  • Designed and implemented a configurable workflow system to improve efficiency.
  • Extended video player modules for Drupal CMS to accept newsroom and reader contributed videos to be hosted on 3rd party vendor site but remain integrated with our CMS.
6/2001-6/2003 Nimitz Technologies, Queen Creek, Arizona
Lead Software Engineer

Self employed, working on several embedded Linux systems projects for Valley of the Sun clients.

  • Developed conversion software and GTK-based GUI front end to make Pertec 9-track format directories readable and exportable under Linux.
  • Made Linux 2.0.38 for ColdFire processors work correctly with MS-DOS partition tables and the various FAT-based filesystems.
  • Interfaced Pertec-to-SCSI emulation board to Linux system for remote management and file access via web browsers.
8/2000-5/2001 Enhanced Software Technologies, Phoenix, Arizona
Software Engineer

Member of the BRUPro Implementation Team, EST's follow-on product to its successful BRU Backup product. Successfully met all project milestones and delivered a working product to quality assurance on time and under budget on a repeated basis. BRU-Pro was recognized by Linux Journal as the Linux Backup product of the Year for 2001.

  • Designed and implemented software licensing mechanisms in C and Python using RSA and MD5 to generate license keys.
  • Integrated Rijndael encryption algorithm into aescrypt open source cryptography package.
  • Designed and implemented user interface for product web interface using HTML and Javascript on the client side and Python on the server side.
  • Designed and implemented the BRU-Pro job scheduling subsystem. Implemented numerous interfaces between application server, database server, remote clients, and user front-ends in C, shell scripts, and Python.
11/1999-8/2000 American Express, Phoenix, Arizona
Database Administrator and Manager

Contract position for American Express' International Risk and Fraud Management Web Services group.

  • Managed two Sybase Adaptive Servers running on a Sun E10000 running Solaris 7.
  • Managed Microsoft SQL Servers running on Windows NT.
  • Developed new logical and physical models for web-based international portfolio performance econometric reporting for risk analysis and in-depth global fraud recovery analysis.
  • Responsible for database performance and tuning, data access policies, and database security.
  • Developed automated data loading procedures, using cron, Makefiles, and shell and Perl scripts.
  • Supervise and mentor data analysts.
  • Assist web developers in query optimization, data access, and security configuration.


Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

Bachelor of Applied Science

Majored in Systems Analysis with a specialization in Cognitive Psychology and Ergonomics.


I can read and write basic German. I hold an Extra class amateur radio license (callsign: AE7JR).