Randy Kaelber address withheld
Mesa, AZ, 85201
email: randy_jobs@nimitz.net    Phone: 623-252-1218


I am an engineering leader, well-versed in agile development. I have a good eye for identifying talent and developing it. I believe in continuous integration and deployment, radical sharing of knowledge, secure-by-design, and in the idea that people are at their most productive when they find their bliss. While I enjoy managing teams, I am unafraid to jump in and do development, systems and security engineering and architecture, debugging, and quality assurance work. I love to teach both technical and non-technical audiences.

Computing Skills

  • Conversant in C and Python, particularly in Unix environments.
  • Intermediate skills in Perl, PHP, Javascript (jQuery, Bootstrap, plus some HTML5 canvas), C++
  • Learner skills in Ruby, Go
  • Advanced understanding of relational database design and maintenance. Worked as a database adiminstrator for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase, and Microsoft SQL Server environments.
  • Solid understanding of TCP/IP network protocols, particularly HTTP and DNS.
  • Solid understanding of cryptographic communication; public/private key and symmetric encryption, hashing functions and algorithms.
  • Software: git (including GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, and GitLab), svn, CFEngine, SaltStack, Docker, Vagrant, Confluence, Jira, TenableSC, Snyk, SecurityOnion
  • Open Source contributor: co-author of aescrypt, primary author of video games The Puzzler and Cosmic Assault. I have contributed patches to several other packages as well.

Other skills

  • Technical writing
  • Research
  • Project organization and management
  • Certified Scrum Master (#374290), certified since November 2014, expired December 2020.
  • Data analysis and statistics
  • Comfortable communicating with technical and non-technical audiences alike
  • Public speaking


3/2022-Present Nimitz Technologies, Mesa, Arizona
Chief Information Security Officer

Self employed, providing security, compliance, privacy and risk management services for smaller technology companies that do not need nor can afford full-time information security management.

Primary duties include:

  • Provide responses to external security inquiries
  • Arrange and perform application and infrastructure security reviews
  • Develop business risk registers
  • Provide technical guidance on legal compliance issues
  • Implement information security policies

Edgio (formerly Limelight Networks)
5/2019-Present Security Architect

Security analysis, engineering and architecture for a global network delivering over 100 Petabytes per day.

Among many projects, most notably I implemented cryptography and secrets management recommendations and policies, designed a scalable network and host intrusion system using SecurityOnion, and implemented a self-service security scanning API built on top of Tenable-SC for software release management.

Some of my day-to-day duties include Performing security architecture reviews for new products and red-teaming implementations of new and existing products from layer 2 to layer 7 of the OSI stack.

8/2013-5/2019 Lead Engineer/Engineering Manager

Software project management, analysis, design and implementation for performance metrics and DNS.

I managed a global pool of 250+ DNS servers running custom dynamic hostname resolution software. I was the lead engineer and scrum master for development team building edge, middleware, API, and web client for advanced DNS management and control system to replace existing DNS infrastructure. Technologies used: PowerDNS, Python, C++, MySQL, Django, Jenkins, SaltStack, Apache, nginx, JQuery, Bootstrap.

2/2008-8/2013 & 1/2002-1/2006 Mars Space Flight Facility, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona
(2/2008-8/2013) Senior Mission Operations Software Engineer (1/2002-1/2006) Scientific Software Engineer

Software design, development and testing for Mars Odyssey, Mars Exploration Rovers, and Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Missions.

I was responsible for handling uplink and downlink data to and from the Mars Odyssey Orbiter. Uplink command correctness verification, downlink data verification, imaging parameter extraction, storage, search, and retrieval. I also designed and implemented Image map projection and registration workflow pipelines and tooling. Tools used: Python, USGS ISIS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, C, C++, FORTRAN, SVN.

1/2006-2/2008 McClatchy Company, Lowcountry Operations, Bluffton, South Carolina
Lead Software Engineer

Software design development in Perl, Python, PHP, and Javascript for internet, intranet, and newspaper production processes in support of two daily newspapers, The Island Packet and The Beaufort Gazette.

I developed CMS modules (Drupal) including maps and video integration, custom pre-press workflows and web interfaces, and also set up and maintained ticketing systems and development test and integration workflows for use by the entire development staff.

6/2001-6/2003 Nimitz Technologies, Queen Creek, Arizona
Lead Software Engineer

Self employed, working on several embedded Linux systems projects for Valley of the Sun clients.

  • Developed conversion software and GTK-based GUI front end to make Pertec 9-track format directories readable and exportable under Linux.
  • Made Linux 2.0.38 for ColdFire processors work correctly with MS-DOS partition tables and the various FAT-based filesystems.
  • Interfaced Pertec-to-SCSI emulation board to Linux system for remote management and file access via web browsers.

8/2000-5/2001 Enhanced Software Technologies, Phoenix, Arizona
Software Engineer

Member of the BRUPro Implementation Team, EST's follow-on product to its successful BRU Backup product. Successfully met all project milestones and delivered a working product to quality assurance on time and under budget on a repeated basis. BRU-Pro was recognized by Linux Journal as the Linux Backup product of the Year for 2001.

11/1999-8/2000 American Express, Phoenix, Arizona
Database Administrator and Manager

Contract position for American Express' International Risk and Fraud Management Web Services group. I managed 2 Sybase Adaptive Servers running on Sun E10000 systems, as well as several MS SQL Servers, and I mentored developers, data analysts, and database administrators in database design and query optimization.


Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

Bachelor of Applied Science

Majored in Systems Analysis with a specialization in Cognitive Psychology and Ergonomics.


  • Speaks and writes basic German.
  • Amateur radio operator since 2010, Extra class license, callsign AE7JR.
  • Volunteer for the Mesa, Arizona Fire and Medical CERT team since January 2019.