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1:What albums has the band released? What are the catalog numbers for CD/LP/Cassette?

          LP             CD             Cassette       8-track
 Rush   SRM-1-1011     822 541-2 M-1  MCR-4-1-1011   MC-8-1-1011 Mercury [AAD]

Fly By Night SRM-1-1023 822 542-2 M-1 MCR-4-1-1023 MC-8-1-1023 Mercury [AAD]

Caress Of Steel SRM-1-1046 822 543-2 M-1 MCR-4-1-1046 MC-8-1-1046 Mercury [AAD]

2112 SRM-1-1079 822 545-2 M-1 MCR-4-1-1079 MC-8-1-1079 Mercury [AAD]

All The World's A Stage SRM-2-7508 822 552-2 M-1 MCT-4-2-7508 MCT8-2-7508 Mercury [AAD]

A Farewell To Kings SRM-1-1184 822 546-2 M-1 MCR-4-1-1184 MC-8-1-1184 Mercury [AAD]

Hemispheres SRM-1-3743 822 547-2 M-1 MCR-4-1-3743 MC-8-1-3743 Mercury [AAD]

Permanent Waves SRM 1-4001 822 548-2 M-1 MCR4 1-4001 MC8 1-4001 Mercury [AAD]

Moving Pictures+ SRM-1-4013 800 048-2 MCR41 4013 Mercury [ADD]

Exit... Stage Left SRM-2-7001 822 551-2 M-1 MCR-4-2-7001 MC-8-2-7001 Mercury*[AAD]

Signals SRM-1-4063 810 002-2 MCR-4-1-4063 MC-8-1-4063 Mercury [ADD]

Grace Under Pressure 818 476-1 M-1 818 476-2 818 476-4 M-1 Mercury [AAD]

Power Windows 826 098-1 M-1 826 098-2 M-1 826 098-4 M-1 Mercury [DDD]

Hold Your Fire 832 464-1 Q-1 832 464-2 Q-1 ? Mercury [DDD]

A Show Of Hands 836 346-1 836 346-2 836 346-4 Mercury [ADD]

Presto 82040-1 7 82040-2 7 82040-4 Atlantic[DDD]

Chronicles 838 937-2 838 936-4 Mercury 838 938-2

Roll The Bones 7 82293-2 Atlantic[DDD]

Counterparts 7 82528-2 Atlantic[DDD]

Test for Echo 7 82925-2 Atlantic[DDD]

(Side note: I would appreciate someone who could give me the catalog numbers for the cassette versions of the last three albums)

+ There is now a gold CD of Moving Pictures available from Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs. This CD is made from the original master Moving Pictures tapes and includes the complete liner notes, which are much nicer than the booklet you get with the Mercury CD. To order this CD or get more info on MFSL, you can call them at 1-800-423-5759. The order number for MP is UDCD 569.

Additionally, several collections are available:

Archives (includes Rush_, _Fly By Night_, and _Caress Of Steel) (Mercury SRM-3-9200 on LP)

Rush Through Time (Mercury 6337 171 on LP)

_Everything Your Listeners Ever Wanted To Hear By Rush But You Were Afraid To Play_ - this collection was targeted at radio stations. It was never officially released, and is extremely rare. It's a selection taken from FBN, COS and 2112.

Rush - Profiled! - This CD was released to radio stations and is rather rare. It contains recordings of quotes, like "Hi, this is Alex Lifeson of Rush, and you're listening to the magic of radio," that a DJ can put on as a promo between songs. It also contains quite a few tracks of band members answering questions. The questions are printed in the liner notes, so a DJ can ask a question and play the CD of the appropriate person answering that question. The questions are mostly about Presto, since this CD was released shortly after Presto.

Rush: The Roll The Bones Radio Special - Anthem, PF 10. Similar in concept to the "Profiled!" disk, for the album (I would've never guessed) Roll The Bones

There's also an interview CD called "Rush -- The Story of Kings" out there. This CD contains no music. It is an interview with Alex around the time of HYF. (BAKTABAK CBAK 4055 on CD)

* The Anthem release of ESL, available in Canada is [ADD], but the US CD is [AAD]. Some people have told me that their CD says [ADD] on the disc and [AAD] on the label.

2:Has anybody noticed that there is now a gold Ultradisc II available for Moving Pictures?


3:Are any other Rush albums available on Ultradisc?

Yes. 2112 and Signals are also available.

4:What are some titles of some good Rush bootlegs, and how might I go about finding some?

The FAQ, TNMS and do not encourage this illegal activity, but a list of titles is available by emailing and asking for information.

5:What album is (song) on?

Check the complete discography, available for FTP from for amazingly detailed information on this subject.

6:When was (album) released?
   R - August 1974
   FBN - February 1975
   COS - September 1975
   2112 - April 1976
   ATWAS - September 1976
   AFTK - September 1977
   Archives - April 1978
   H - October 1978
   PeW - January 1980
   MP - February 1981
   ESL - November 1981
   S - September 1982
   GUP - April 1984
   PoW - October 1985
   HYF - September 1987
   ASOH - January 1989
   P - November 1989
   Chr - September 1990
   RTB - September 1991
   Counterparts - October 1993
   Test for Echo - September 1996

7:How many copies did (album) sell?

From that bastion of liberal thought and progressivism, the RIAA:

  Album				Cert Date	Label		Award		Level	Format
  2112				11/16/77	MERCURY		Gold			ALBUM
  2112				02/25/81	MERCURY		Platinum		ALBUM
  2112				12/01/93	MERCURY		Multi Platinum	2.0	ALBUM
  2112				11/17/95	MERCURY		Multi Platinum	3.0	ALBUM
  ARCHIVES			02/03/95	MERCURY		Gold			ALBUM
  ARCHIVES			02/03/95	MERCURY		Platinum		ALBUM
  CHRONICLES			04/13/92	MERCURY		Platinum		ALBUM
  CHRONICLES			11/21/95	MERCURY		Multi Platinum	2.0	ALBUM
  EXIT...STAGE LEFT		11/09/87	MERCURY		Platinum		ALBUM
  FLY BY NIGHT			12/01/93	MERCURY		Platinum		ALBUM
  FLY BY NIGHT			12/01/93	MERCURY		Gold			ALBUM
  HEMISPHERES			12/01/93	MERCURY		Platinum		ALBUM
  MOVING PICTURES		10/12/84	MERCURY		Multi Platinum	2.0	ALBUM
  MOVING PICTURES		01/27/95	MERCURY		Multi Platinum	4.0	ALBUM
  POWER WINDOWS			01/27/86	MERCURY		Platinum		ALBUM
  PRESTO			01/11/90	ATLANTIC	Gold			ALBUM
  RUSH				02/01/95	MERCURY		Gold			ALBUM
  SIGNALS			11/10/82	MERCURY		Gold			ALBUM
  SIGNALS			11/10/82	MERCURY		Platinum		ALBUM

Assorted info about songs in charts:

- "New World Man" made it into the US Top 40.

- In the UK charts, Rush had the following

     Rel. Date     Title                              Highest     Weeks

11 Feb 78 Closer to the Heart 36 3 15 Mar 80 Spirit of Radio 13 7 28 Mar 81 Vital Signs/A Passage to Bangkok 41 4 31 Oct 81 Tom Sawyer 25 6 04 Sep 82 New World Man 42 3 30 Oct 82 Subdivisions 53 2 07 May 83 Countdown/New World Man 36 5 26 May 84 The Body Electric 56 3 12 Oct 85 The Big Money 46 3

Note that I would appreciate greatly someone giving me more current info that what I currently have.

8:What are the <Columbia House|BMG> CD Club code numbers for Rush albums?

I (Randy) deleted the list here in favor of posting a URL which contains a way of getting catalog numbers for Columbia, BMG, and CDHQ for ALL things in their catalog. This is where you should point your Web Browser of choice:

If you don't have web access, you can reach each of these clubs via the following phone numbers:

BMG: 1-317-542-0414 CDHQ: 1-800-242-7096 Columbia House: 1-800-457-0500

9:What awards has the band won?

- Juno awards:

       (1974) Most promising group of the year
       (1977) Group of the year
       (1978) Group of the year
       (1991) Best Heavy Metal Album
       (1991) Best album cover - "Presto"
       (1992) Best Hard Rock Album
       (1992) Best album cover - "Roll the Bones"
       (1993) Hall of Fame

- Grammy's:

       (1982) Runner-up in Best Rock Instrumental
              "YYZ" - beat by The Police's "Behind my Camel"
       (1992) Runner-up in Best Rock Instrumental
              "Where's my thing" - beat by Eric Johnson's "Cliffs of Dover"

- Geddy is in the Bass Hall of Fame for Guitar Player Magazine (he's won Best Rock Bass more than 5 times).

- Geddy won "best Rock Bass player" in the 1993 "Bass Player" readers' poll.

- Alex won Best Rock Talent in 1983 (I assume that it's on the same mag), and he was inducted into the Guitar for the Practicing Musician Hall of Fame in May of 1991.

- Neil has received the following awards in the Modern Drummer magazine reader's poll:

    Hall of Fame: 1983
    Best Rock Drummer: 1980,1981,1982,1983,1984,1985
    Best Multi-Percussionist: 1983,1984,1985,1986
    Best Percussion Instrumentalist: 1982
    Most Promising New Drummer: 1980
    Best All Around: 1986
    Best Recorded Performance: 1981: Moving Pictures
  	                       1982: Exit... Stage Left
  	                       1983: Signals
  	                       1985: Grace Under Pressure
  	                       1986: Power Windows
  	                       1988: Hold Your Fire
  	                       1989: A Show of Hands
  	                       1990: Presto
  	                       1992: Roll The Bones
  	                       1994: Counterparts
    1986 Honor Roll: Rock Drummer, Multi-Percussion
    As a member of the Honor Roll in these categories, Neil is no
    longer eligible for votes in these categories.
The band received a "Lifetime Achievement" award from Musician's Institute in Hollywood, CA on January 23, 1992.

The band also received "The Seventh Annual Musicians of the Millenium Award" from the Harvard Lampoon.

10:Has anybody ever noticed that the band has put out a live album after every 4 studio albums?


11:Are any videotapes of the band available?

Polygram Music Video 60285 (1981) Exit...Stage Left Shot at The Forum, Montreal, Quebec March 27, 1981 Running time: approx. 60 minutes includes:

  	     Tom Sawyer
  	     The Trees
  	     Red Barchetta
  	     Free Will
  	     Closer To The Heart
  	     YYZ (with voice over)
  	     By-Tor and the Snow Dog/In The End/In The Mood/2112 Finale
PMV 60607 (1986) Grace Under Pressure Tour Shot at Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Canada September 21, 1984 Running time: approx. 69 minutes includes:
             The Spirit Of Radio
  	     The Enemy Within
  	     The Weapon
  	     Witch Hunt
  	     New World Man
  	     Distant Early Warning
  	     Red Sector A
  	     Closer To The Heart
  	     YYZ/2112: Temples of Syrinx/Tom Sawyer
  	     Vital Signs/Finding My Way/In The Mood
  	     The Big Money {video}
The video for "The Big Money" is omitted from the European release of this tape.

PMV 0741 760-3 (1989) A Show Of Hands Shot over a 3-night stand at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, England April 21,23, and 24, 1988 Running time: approx. 90 minutes includes:

             The Big Money
  	     Turn The Page
  	     Prime Mover
  	     Manhattan Project
  	     Closer To The Heart
  	     Red Sector A
  	     Force Ten
  	     Lock And Key (laserdisc only)
  	     The Rhythm Method (drum solo)
  	     The Spirit Of Radio
  	     Tom Sawyer
  	     2112/La Villa Strangiato/In The Mood
PMV 60466 (1985) Through The Camera Eye (video compilation) Running time: approx. 44 minutes includes:
             Vital Signs
  	     Tom Sawyer [live, from Exit...Stage Left]
  	     Distant Early Warning
  	     The Enemy Within
  	     The Body Electric
PMV 082 765-3 (1990) Chronicles (video compilation) Running time: approx. 63 minutes includes:
             Closer To The Heart [live]
  	     The Trees [live]
  	     Limelight [studio]
  	     Tom Sawyer [live, from ESL with some minor changes]
  	     Red Barchetta [live, from ESL]
  	     Subdivisions [from Through The Camera Eye]
  	     Distant Early Warning [from Through The Camera Eye]
  	     Red Sector A [live, from the p/g tour video]
  	     The Big Money [the shortened MTV version, not the complete one
  	                    from the GUP tour video]
  	     Mystic Rhythms
  	     Time Stand Still
  	     Lock And Key

12:Are these tapes available on laserdisc?

According to the Barr Digital (a Seattle-based mail-order dealer in laserdiscs) database, available for FTP from in the pub/ directory, there are laserdiscs for Through The Camera Eye_, _Exit...Stage Left_, Grace Under Pressure Tour, _A Show of Hands_, and the video single for _The Big Money. The database also says that Exit...Stage Left was "discontinued 8/91." This does not imply that Barr has them in stock; this database is not Barr's inventory. It is only a list of laserdiscs that have been made. The file that I FTP'd from had a Feb 26 1992 time/date stamp, so I assume that this information is accurate as of that date.

According to, Chronicles is available on laserdisc in the US. However, "Red Sector A" isn't on this laserdisc.

13:What songs has the band made videos for?
   Fly By Night
   A Farewell To Kings
   Closer To The Heart %
   The Trees %
   La Villa Strangiato
   Tom Sawyer
   Tom Sawyer [live, from ESL] %#
   Red Barchetta [live, from ESL] %
   Limelight %
   Limelight [live, from ESL]
   Vital Signs #
   Subdivisions %#
   Countdown #
   Distant Early Warning %#
   Afterimage #
   The Enemy Within #
   The Body Electric #
   The Big Money %&
   Mystic Rhythms %
   Marathon [live, from ASOH]
   Time Stand Still %
   Lock And Key %
   Show Don't Tell
   The Pass
   Roll The Bones
   Stick It Out
   Nobody's Hero

% These videos appear on the Chronicles videotape. # These videos appear on the Through The Camera Eye videotape. & This video appears in its complete form on the end of the Grace Under Pressure Tour videotape. The shortened MTV version appears on the Chronicles videotape.

Videos with no punctuation symbol next to them are not available on any home video compilation. If you want to see these videos, you have to find somebody who taped them from TV or copied them from somebody else's tape.

Videos with the "live" comment are concert videos; all others have studio soundtracks. Some of these have minor edits to the soundtrack.

14:Can anyone list everything else that the members of Rush have ever appeared on?

This is not a complete list. Please send me your additions!

   "Universal Juveniles" by Max Webster (Rush in "Battlescar")
   1980 (ANR-1-1027 Anthem)
   "No Static" by Wireless (Lee produced)
   "Great White North" by Bob and Doug McKenzie (Geddy singing "Take Off")
   1981 (ANR-1-1036 Anthem)
   "Vignettes" by Marie Lynn Hammond (Lee on 2 tracks)
   1983 (BTR 1002 Black Tie Records)
   "Boys Brigade" by Boys Brigade (Lee produced)
   1983 (ST 12278 Capitol)
   "We Are the World" by USA for Africa with Lee in Northern Lights singing
   "Tears are Not Enough"
   1985 (40043 Columbia)
   "Alien Shores" by Platinum Blonde (Alex on 2 tracks)
   1985 (PCC-80105 Columbia)
   "Champion" by Jeff Berlin (Peart on 2 tracks)
   1985 (Passport Jazz PJ 88004 A)

Hear 'N Aid (1986 Polygram) <heavy metal famine relief thing> Live version of Distant Early Warning "Beyond Borders" by Canadian Guitar Summit (with Alex) July 1987 Guitar Player magazine (flexidisc) "Pieces of Eight" (Peart percussion compilation) May 1987 Modern Drummer magazine (flexidisc) "Serious Business" by Greenway (Alex doing solo in "In the Danger Zone") 1988 (81827-1 Atlantic) "Clean Slate" by Clean Slate (Alex produced) 1988 (ANM-1 5002 Anthem) (5 song EP) "Dream on the Horizon: A Tribute to the Olympic Spirit" by The Big Picture (Alex on 2 tracks) 1988 (WSC-331 Chartwell Records) "Smoke on the Water" (Mega-Rock Re-Mix)/Paranoid, by Rock Aid Armenia and Black Sabbath (Alex on guitar) 1989 UK ARMENT 001, ARMENTR 002, ARMENT 002 "Lost Brotherhood" by Larry Gowan (Alex on all tracks) 1990 (80160 Anthem)

"Whale Music" by the Rheostatics (Neil on 3 tracks) 1992 (Intrepid Records, available in Canada) Call 1-800-663-1616 for info.

"Burning For Buddy: A Tribute To The Music Of Buddy Rich" (Neil on 2 tracks) Produced by Neil Peart 1994 Atlantic Records 82699-2

"Ragged Ass Road" by Tom Cochrane (Alex plays guitar on some tracks) ** more info about the record would be appreciated **

CASSETTES: "Star Jam Series: Neil Peart Style" "Starlicks Guitar Lesson: Alex Lifeson Style"

In the January 1986 issue of Modern Drummer magazine, while discussing his appearance on the Jeff Berlin album, Neil says that he "... did a similar thing with a musician named Ken Ramm in Toronto. That record was released in Canada."


"1991 Buddy Rich Memorial Scholarship Concert" (Neil on a few songs) DCI Music Video For more information contact: DCI Music Video 541 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10011 Or call 212-691-1884 800-628-1528

Geddy sang "Oh, Canada" at the 1993 MLB All-Star game. (Thanks to Joel Rondeau for pointing this one out.)

15:Has Rush ever been on Saturday Night Live (SNL)?


16:Rush seems to get mentioned a whole lot during Mystery Science Theater 3000. Which shows do they get mentioned it?

From TNMS 1475,, came up with four:

Time of the Apes: Tom Servo notices "Neil Peart on drums."

Secret Agent Super Dragon: A long-haired brunette spy-lady draws this riff from Joel Robinson: "In this light, she looks like Geddy Lee." (And she does.)

Operation Double 007: A dead body is wearing headphones. Tom: "He died listening to Rush." Joel: "2112."

San Francisco International: A shipping crate of vital serum is marked "rush." Crow T. Robot: "Hey, guys, it's a crate of Rush albums!" All: "Whooo!" Later, over another shot of the crate, Tom says: "Serum. The new CD from Rush."

More sightings from observers around the internet:

Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster: Commenting on a letter, Joel says "Very trippy, and I bet you listen to Rush, don't you?" and later Tom Servo notes that Joel identified "The Rush Guy".

Pod People: Tom Servo listening to the soundtrack: "Neil Peart on Drums" (Neil gets around on the Z-grade SF movies)

Alien from L.A.: (I get a LOT of mail on this one. I've added it, okay?) Mike sees three guys who kind of look like the boys and says "Hey, it's the band Rush!".

Girls Town: Someone in the movies calls for "Mary Lee", who isn't there, so Crow says "Well, then, is GEDDY Lee there?"

The Deadly Mantis: Mike says "Man, I'm so baked right now. You gotta hear this Rush tape." Mike also reads Peanut's letter, talking about his "miraculous escape" to the year 2112.

Hobgoblins: Someone is air-drumming when Tom Servo says "The true story of Neil Peart."

The Touch of Satan: Mike starts the opening verse of "The Trees" but Crow stops him.

Caught by yours truly:

The Final Sacrifice: Crow: "Geddy Lee's birthplace" when Rowsdower and whatisface come across an abandoned cabin in the Canadian wilderness. Also the robots make fun of Canada, but Mike counters by saying "They gave us Rush!"

Now that MST3K is cancelled, I have mixed feelings. On one hand, I will miss one of the funniest shows ever made, but I won't miss you all hounding me about the Rush references in the FAQ (I'm just kidding. don't get your knickers in a knot.).

17:What was the first single released by the band?

The A side was a cover of a Buddy Holly song called "Not Fade Away." The B side was a Lee/Rutsey song called "You Can't Fight It." These songs are not on any Rush albums. If you want to hear them, you have to track down a copy of the single, which is very rare, or find somebody who has the songs on tape. There is no collection for sale that contains these tracks. Or you could theoretically find it somewhere on the Gnutella network, but I would never suggest violating the copyrights of a company that was a member of such a fine organization as the RIAA.

18:I just bought the CD of <Exit...Stage Left | All The World's A Stage> and it's missing a track! Is a complete version of this CD available?

No. But if you absolutely have to have everything on CD, the 2 missing tracks are on Chronicles.

I've been pestered to death to put this up, so here it is. If you just bought them, go get your money back. The remastered versions of these albums contain the missing tracks.

From now on, if you want to correct me on the contents of albums when they get remastered, you must buy me a new copy of that album. :)

19:Are there any extra Rush songs that have been recorded and not used on an album?

"What we write is what you get on a Rush album. We don't.. we don't ever write extra songs. If a song isn't worthy to be on a record, we usually don't finish it, so it gets kinda tossed in the garbage. So, we may be the only band with a 20-year existence that has no material in the can, 'cause everything we've written has gone on record. So, you know, we're a great disappointment after.. if we all get killed in a car crash, or something like that, it would be a great disappointment to our record company." -- Geddy Lee, in the Counterparts era "Up Close" radio interview

20:When the band plays live, do they use any additional musicians to play backup parts?


The following excerpt is from the Geddy Lee interview in the October 1991 issue of Canadian Musician magazine: ( CM = the Canadian Musician interviewer, GL = Geddy Lee )

   CM: It seems like you're making it very difficult for yourselves when
   it could be done a lot easier.  You say it's an unwritten rule in the
   band, but...
   GL: Yeah.  It could be a lot easier with another person.  And I don't
   know why...  We talked...  Before the last tour we had very serious
   talks about adding another member.
   CM: Just for the tour?
   GL: Just for the tour, yeah - not in the band.  But we came to the
   conclusion that our fans would rather see us use technology to try to
   pull it off than have somebody else on the stage.  And I really think
   that that was the main reason why we opted to try to do it ourselves.
   We figured that people who have been coming to see us for 15 years
   would rather see us up there fighting our way through the show
   than hiring somebody else.  We figured that technology was a more
   acceptable answer than not being a three-piece.

21:Has <song> ever been performed live?

The 1st anniversary issue of TNMS contains song lists for each tour Rush has done up to Presto. This is issue 99.

22:Does anybody know if <band> ever opened for Rush? When did Rush play in <city> last?

Check the Rush Tour Dates listing, available via the web at:

23:What is "Battlescar"/Max Webster? Who plays on it? What is the label/catalogue number for the Universal Juveniles CD? Where can I write to get it?

Max Webster is a Canadian band that used to open for Rush. "Battlescar" is a song from their Universal Juveniles CD that was done as a duet of the 2 bands.

    Max Webster - Universal Juveniles  1980
  	          Mercury SRM-1-3855 [6337 144]
  	          Distributed by Polygram Distribution, Inc.
  	            810 Seventh Avenue
  	            New York, NY 10019

Write: The Anthem Entertainment Group Inc. 189 Carlton Street Toronto, Canada M5A 2K7

Tel: (416) 923-5855 Fax: (416) 923-1041

One more note: "Battlescar" has a subscript: "recorded live July 28th, 1980 Phase One Studios -Toronto-".

24:Have any books been written about the band?
   Rush - Visions: The Official Biography (c) 1988
   By Bill Banasiewicz (The B-Man)
   ISBN: 0-7119-1162-2    94 pages
   From: Omnibus Press
   Distributor: Music Sales Corporation
   Order number: 44387 (that's what my copy says, anyway)

Music Sales Corporation PO Box 572 5 Bellvale Road Chester, NY 10918 Telephone: (914)469-2271

Thanks to Charles Estabrooks ( for verifying that address. He also says that if anybody wants to contact them directly about the book, they should call that number and ask for Kim.
   Success Under Pressure (c) 1984
   By Steve Gett
   ISBN: 0-89524-230-3    48 pages
   From: Cherry Lane Books
  	 110 Midland Avenue
  	 Port Chester, NY 10573
   Rush  (c)1982
   By Brian Harrigan
   ISBN: 0-86001-934-9    80 pages
  	The Putnam Publishing Group
  	200 Madison Avenue
  	New York, NY 10016
Ethan Evan Prater wrote to the company about this book and was informed that the book is out of print, and there are no plans for a reprint.

People have sent me the names of books of Rush sheet music, but I'm not going to include those because there are too many of them and this file is getting far too large. Besides, they really aren't about the band.

25:I heard that Neil Peart was going to publish some of his writings. Has this been done? Can I buy this book?

David Goulden ( sent me info about a book he read by Neil. Here's the info he sent me:

    Title: Raindance Over the Rockies
   Author: Neil Peart
     Date: 1988
 Publisher: The Cumberland Press (Toronto)
Apparently, The Cumberland Press only does the printing. Once they print the book, it is up to the author to distribute it. What this means is that Neil is the person to contact if you want to buy this book.

According to the TNMS web site (check at for details): Neil has also written articles and editorials, and in 1994 coauthored a short story "Drumbeats" with Kevin J. Anderson for the horror anthology Shock Rock II.

Neil has also written a book about his travels in Africa, called The Masked Rider. Details are available elsewhere in the FAQ.

26:I heard something about a Rush comic book. What comic book was it?

That was Defenders #45. It was dedicated to Geddy, Alex, and Neil of Rush on the first page. The story has an anti-collectivist theme to it. Since it was printed March 77 it makes sense that it would draw from 2112 (however vaguely).

The villain (Red Rajah) says, at one point, "Truth is false and logic lost, seek the Rajah at all cost."

There is also a comic bio of the band from Rock & Roll Comics, issue #49. It basically tells the history of the band from its beginnings to "Roll The Bones."

27:Somebody posted <item> in TNMS. I missed it - could somebody please send me a copy? Does anybody have the lyrics to <song>?

An archive server is running at

The address of this archive file server is:

      UUCP'ish:  ...!uunet!ingr!server
In the interests of brevity, the help file for this server have been removed.

Remember, if you don't have FTP capabilities at your site, there is still the mail server at

28:What issue of TNMS is <item> in?

This list isn't complete, and it probably contains errors. Let me know, so I can fix them!

     Item                                                 Issue
     ----                                                 -----
   Neil's reaction to TNMS                                    5
   Analysis of "The Pass"                                    21
   Neil's editorial on Satanism                              22
   Explanation of the map in "Signals"                       26
   "A Nice Morning Drive"                                    34
   Grace Under Pressure tour book                          42
   2112 tour book                                          47
   Permanent Waves tour book                               48
   1978 article/story on Rush                                59
   Alex interview: Music Express #132, 1989                62
   "Kubla Khan"                                              64
   Modern Drummer interview with Neil (December 89)        68
   HYF tour book                                             69
   "Rockline" interview 4/30/90                              72
   Peart Q & A                                               74
   Definition of "peart"                                     80
   Chronicles essay                                        81
   "Kubla Khan"                                              88
   Rush special from "The Source"                            91
   Success Under Pressure (Part 1 of 4)                    93
   Success Under Pressure (Part 2 of 4)                    94
   Success Under Pressure (Part 3 of 4)                    96
   TNMS 1st anniversary issue (Part 1 of 2)                  98
   TNMS 1st anniversary issue (Part 2 of 2)                  99
   Success Under Pressure (Part 4 of 4)                   101
   Interview with Alex 11/20/90                             107
   Updated Rush tour dates listing                          108
   "In The Studio" interviews/MP era                        110
   Rolling Stone interviews: 5/15/80, 6/26/80, 5/28/81    114
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   1978 Sounds article                                    121
   Rolling Stone album reviews
    (Hemispheres,PeW,ESL,Signals,GUP,PoW,ASOH,Presto)       123
   12/18/83 Sounds article                                125
   "The Source" interview: 2/27/83                          131
   Modern Drummer interview with Neil (April '84)         134
   Moving Pictures tour book                                136
   Neil Peart drumset giveaway from Modern Drummer 3/87   142
   Neil Peart: "The Quest For New Drums" (5/87 MD)          145
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   Discussion of scissors/paper/stone symbols               212
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    Musician_: July '84                                     220
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     "Adventures in Paradise" - Neil Peart (HYF era)
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     (Coincidentally this is also in #408)
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     (Same as in #342)
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   TCI Article on RUSH, 1994                               1140
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29:I've been seeing <acronym> used in TNMS. What does it mean?
   FBN           Fly By Night
   COS           Caress Of Steel
   ATWAS         All The World's A Stage
   AFTK          A Farewell To Kings
   PeW           Permanent Waves {PLEASE! NOT just PW!}
   MP            Moving Pictures
   ESL           Exit...Stage Left
   GUP           Grace Under Pressure
   p/g           Grace Under Pressure
   PoW           Power Windows {PLEASE! NOT just PW!}
   HYF           Hold Your Fire
   ASOH          A Show Of Hands
   TTCE          Through The Camera Eye {rare, but it shows up}
   RTB           Roll The Bones
   CP            Counterparts
   TFE or T4E    Test For Echo

YKYA(A)RFW You Know (You're|You Are) A Rush Fan When IMHO In My Humble/Honest Opinion WRT With Respect To ORQ Obligatory Rush Quote

30:I've heard about the "Rush Backstage Club." What is it, and how do I join? It's an outfit that sells Rush souvenirs (T-shirts, posters, etc) and occasionally releases a newsletter. (I'm not a member, so I don't really know. Could a member send me some details?) To join the Backstage Club, just send $12.95 ($10 to join plus $2.95 shipping and handling) to:
     Rush Backstage Club
     2250 E. Tropicana Ave. #228
     Las Vegas, NV  89119
(I got that address from provided this phone number: (702) 739-6440

Membership obligation is to purchase 1 item of merchandise each year to stay on the mailing list. Also, they will answer any inquiries if you include a self-addressed stamped envelope. For those international people, pay in US money (NO CASH!!!) and include postage coupons with information requests.

31:What other Rush newsletters are there?

The Spirit Of Rush Published 4 times a year. Subscription for the next 4 issues: UK: #6.80, Europe: #10.00, Australia/NZ: #12.00 US/Canada: $20.00 (# = Pounds Sterling. All prices include postage.) Back issues: UK: #1.50 each, Europe: #2.00, Australia/NZ: #3.00 US/Canada: $4.00 (all prices include postage) Address for back issues, and UK/Europe/Australia/NZ subscriptions:

    23, Garden Close,
    Chinbrook Road,
    Grove Park,
    London, SE12 9TG
Address for US/Canada subscriptions:
  	A Show of Fans
  	c/o Steve Streeter
  	PO Box 292
  	Canton, CT 06019
UK readers should pay by crossed cheque or postal order, NOT CASH. Overseas readers should pay by bank draft or International Money Order, in STERLING ONLY please. If these are unavailable, cash sterling or cash dollars only. Personal cheques in foreign currency cannot be accepted. Cheques/postal orders/I.M.O/B.D. payable to The Spirit Of Rush

US readers should pay by personal cheque payable to Ray Wawryzniak. A Show of Fans "A Rush Fanzine For and By Rush Fans" Steve Streeter: Publisher/Editor Send $3 for the most current issue.

        PO Box 292
  	Canton, CT 06019

32:Who says <phrase> in <song>?

- Geddy says "One, two, buckle my shoe" in "In The End" on ATWAS.

- Neil does the narrative during "The Necromancer."

- I've never seen anything definitive saying who whispers in "The Twilight Zone."

- Neil does the "Attention all planets of the Solar Federation - we have assumed control" bit at the end of "2112."

- The deep voice at the beginning of "Cygnus X-1" is none other than Terry Brown.

- Neil says "Subdivisions" in the song of the same name, even though Alex is shown saying it in the video and does it live.

- Alex says "That's nice" at the end of "Chain Lightning."

- We don't know who says "I will be the judge" and "Give the jury direction." Yoav Gershon <> has digitized those phrases and adjusted the pitch, and says that Neil Peart says those phrases.

- According to Neil on the December 2, 1991 "Rockline," Geddy does the RTB "chat" section.

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